Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at skoop is to make parking at universities simple and efficient. One of the biggest complaints at major universities is the difficulty in finding parking and getting to class on time. Our solution to this problem is skoop. We strive to create a scalable ecosystem of commuters at universities. 

Students at universities that have parking permits. In order to use skoop, the user needs to be enrolled in the university, verified by a .edu email, and have an eligible parking pass. 

University of Texas at San Antonio
University of Texas – Austin
University of Houston – Main Campus
Texas State University

Our goal is to help students park hassle free across the US.

Anywhere on campus. Imagine walking out of class and getting a ride straight to your car. No walking to lots, no waiting on buses, and no time wasted.

Download Skoop from the App Store. Be enrolled in your university and sign up with a .edu email. Provide proof of parking permit. Enjoy!

We are currently conducting a pilot program with a select few students. At this time, no cost will be associated with skoop. Our goal in the future is to keep cost as low as possible if not free. Expect further announcement.

We are are living in unprecedented times. The health and well being of our community is our first priority. Skoop presents with a helpful solution to social distancing. Instead of taking buses full of students to their parking spots, Skoop allows for a more socially distant form of transportation and exchange. While societal and economical infrastructures are re-emerging, we will be diligent to abide by new standards and practices.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or stories! We will be responding as soon as possible. Thank you!